Where Hope Prevails

Where Hope Prevails When Beth Thatcher returns to Coal Valley she has much to be excited about She anticipates Jarrick s proposal of marriage and perhaps a spring wedding The mine is expanding and there are schoolchild

  • Title: Where Hope Prevails
  • Author: Janette Oke Laurel Oke Logan
  • ISBN: 9780764217845
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Beth Thatcher returns to Coal Valley, she has much to be excited about She anticipates Jarrick s proposal of marriage and perhaps a spring wedding The mine is expanding, and there are schoolchildren than ever But the town s rapid growth brings many challenges A second teacher is assigned, and Beth finds herself going head to head with a very different philosoWhen Beth Thatcher returns to Coal Valley, she has much to be excited about She anticipates Jarrick s proposal of marriage and perhaps a spring wedding The mine is expanding, and there are schoolchildren than ever But the town s rapid growth brings many challenges A second teacher is assigned, and Beth finds herself going head to head with a very different philosophy of education one that dismisses religion and rejects God Fearful for the children who sit under the influence of Robert Harris Hughes, Beth struggles to know how to respond At the same time, Beth wonders if Jarrick is considering a position at her father s company simply for her sake Should she admit her feelings on the matter Or keep silent and allow Jarrick to make up his own mind

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      Janette Oke writes with a profound simplicity of what she knows best real life, honest love, and lasting values With over 23 million in sales, her historical novels portray the lives of early North American settlers from many walks of life and geographical settings She also writes engaging children s stories and inspiring gift books that warm the heart.Janette was born during the depression years to a Canadian prairie farmer and his wife, and she remembers her childhood as full of love and laughter and family love After graduating from Mountain View Bible College in Canada where she met her husband, Edward, they pastored churches in Canada and the U.S and they raised their family of four children, including twin boys, in both countries Edward eventually became president of Mountain View Bible College and recently established a coalition of colleges that became Rocky Mountain Bible College.During her earliest years, Janette sensed the desire to write Though she yearned to be a published novelist, she devoted herself to being a wife and mother because, she says, there is no higher honor that is my number one priority She began serious writing when her children were entering their teens.Her first novel, a prairie love story titled Love Comes Softly, was published by Bethany House in 1979 This book was followed by than 75 others She reaches both religious and general markets, telling stories that transcend time and place Her readers of all ages and walks of life can identify with the everyday events and emotions of her characters Janette believes everyone goes through tough times the key is to be prepared with a strong faith as the foundation from which decisions are made and difficult experiences are faced That perspective is subtly woven throughout her novels.After Love Comes Softly was published, Oke found her readers asking for That book led to a series of eight others in her Love Comes Softly series She has written multiple fiction series, including The Canadian West, Seasons of the Heart and Women of the West Her most recent releases include a beautiful children s picture book, I WonderDid Jesus Have a Pet Lamb and The Song of Acadia series, co written with T Davis Bunn.Janette Oke s warm writing style has won the hearts of millions of readers She has received numerous awards, including the Gold Medallion Award, The Christy Award of Excellence, the 1992 President s Award for her significant contribution to the category of Christian fiction from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association, and in 1999 the Life Impact Award from the Christian Booksellers Association International Beloved worldwide, her books have been translated into fourteen languages.In recent years, Janette and her siblings lovingly restored their parents prairie farm home, and it now serves as a gift shop and museum of prairie life Please see below for a special invitation to the Oke Writing Museum and The Steeves Historical House She and her husband live nearby in Alberta, Canada, where they are active in their local church Visits from their families, including their grandchildren, are their delight janetteoke ME2 Sites d


    1. This was a lovely conclusion to the trilogy! Definitely my favorite of the three! Perhaps it is because I could do identify with Beth and imagine myself in her shoes. Yeah, so much of Beth and her struggles are me! And once again, I admire and appreciate the strong, Biblical backbone and answers provided in this book. By the end, I was heartily cheering Beth along for the choices she made!The spiritual content is the heartbeat of this book. It is what makes the characters the characters they are [...]

    2. About this book:“She leans forward for her first glimpse of the little mountain town that has captured her heart, but something has changed. Elizabeth Thatcher's highly anticipated return to her beloved Coal Valley after a long summer with her family back east is filled with surprises . . . and not all of them good ones, in her estimation. Maybe the worst one of all relates to her treasured students. Can she adapt and learn to cope with this enormous change? Her Mountie, Jarrick Thornton, hasn [...]

    3. I was so excited to read this but I ended up being disappointed. 1) The "mystery" was never fully explained beyond who Beth thought the perpetrator was and why - but it was never confirmed.2) The antagonistic relationship between the two teachers was kind of awkward and didn't serve much purpose. It seemed like filler to me. Also, Beth beats herself up so much over the way she treats Robert, but I didn't really think she was out of line in a lot of things she said. She just seemed to dwell on it [...]

    4. Beth Thatcher has returned to Coal Valley and is shocked at how it looks, she doesn’t recognize her beloved valley, most of the prized trees have been clear-cut, and ugly stumps remain. I could sympathize with her here, I don’t like change, and coming to grips with it is not easy.There is a lot more changes that she has to come to terms with, as the town has grown a lot in the short time that she has been gone, she finds a new teacher here, but wait a moment isn’t Beth the teacher? Oh poor [...]

    5. A sweet conclusion that wrapped things up, yet not in a way that left it feeling rushed nor dismissed. Beth's and Jarrett's story continues to blossom, and they learn much more about each other, and themselves. I love the growth and development in the whole series of the characters, especially of Beth, from a somewhat spoiled rich girl, to someone that relies on her faith and trust in God. The romance was lovely, but I've always enjoyed the journey of the town, and its people the most. The relat [...]

    6. When I first started "Where Hope Prevails" I expected it to take me at least a week to readI should have known better! In 2 days I knocked out this amazing book. "Where Hope Prevails" is the sequel to the 2 other books in the "Return to the Canadian West" series. I enjoyed the first 2 books a lot from what I can remember, but I'm pretty sure this was my favorite of them all! I loved the setting, Coal Valley, a small quaint little mining town with a small church and schoolhouse. Beth, the main ch [...]

    7. As with the first two books in this series, it wasn't super high action (though there was a bit) and felt like a light read to me. We were back in Coal Valley for most of the book (yay!) but things are a little different this time around. First off, (view spoiler)[Jack and Elizabeth are super serious! Not only are they courting, but soon headed to being married to each other! (hide spoiler)] There is also a new teacher in town due to the town growing so much while Elizabeth was away. However, no [...]

    8. So, honestly, I liked Beth's character a lot better in the first book. At that point she seemed courageous, adventurous, and able to see needs in her world and find creative ways to respond to them. I admired that.In this book, she just kept annoying me. One problem was her interactions with the new teacher. Yes, he was arrogant. However, her refusal to even talk to him about their shared school when he kept asking seemed like a poor choice. Also, of all the things she could have had issues with [...]

    9. The final chapter to the story of Beth Thatcher and Jack Thorton does not disappoint. It includes plenty of romance and gentle scenes, struggles and personal growth and citizens of the little town of Coal Valley.When Beth returns she expects everything to be the way it always was in Coal Valley, to pick up right where she left off in her little one classroom school and to slip back seamlessly into the lives of those around her, while awaiting a proposal from the man she loves.Instead she discove [...]

    10. Loved this book ! Ever since my mom introduced me to "Love Comes Softly " when I was a teenager , I have always loved reading Oke's books. This latest installment of the When Calls the Heart series (now , "return")is better than the TV series, in my opinion , as the books keep a strong Biblical, "be kind and forgiving" message throughout the story. However, I have learned over the years that when it comes to movies vs. books , you have to be willing to put up a brick wall and separate the two. Y [...]

    11. This story is better than the second and comparable to the first. Beth returns to Coal Valley only to find things have changed quite a bit since she left for the summer. The town has grown considerably, and the way she trips over the tree stumps around the town (trees have been cut down to make room for expansion) are a good metaphor for the way she resists and fights against change. I appreciate her failings because she seems so real and relatable. She is a good example of overcoming challenges [...]

    12. This is such I lovely story. However, I wish I read the other books in the series first. Even though this book does stand alone and tells a story, I would have related better if I knew some of the background. With that said, I do love the relationship Elizabeth has with Jack. Event though they can be miles apart their love still survives. Also, with Elizabeth being a small town teacher her will is like iron. Even though she faces of troubled times she never gave up hope.

    13. I liked the other two in this series but for some reason this one drove me nuts, Beth in particular. I think because of her naïveté and mooniness over Jarrick (please! Just call him Jack!) and the conservative ethos about marriage. There didn't seem to be much character development in this one to me and there was so little about Beth's actual teaching. Hmm, I'm not sure, but it just didn't sit well with me.

    14. This is the most invisible courtship. The whole book is about Beth and Jarrick getting married, but they only spend, like, 5 pages together. Not really buying it. Also, I didn't like how any time somebody got mad, they had to quickly pray and repent. Umwhat? It's ok to get mad at somebody. It was ok, but not great.

    15. Enjoyed this one very much. It covered the same time period as one of her Canadian West books but from a different perspective and had different characters as well as familiar ones. Very interesting all the way.

    16. Note: I received this book for free, specifically to review it.I've read a lot of romantic historical fiction novels--and by a lot, I mean a lot. Some have certainly been better than others, and there's one theme that has always been a reliable source of good books in my experience: the frontier. In frontier stories, women are often overcoming obstacles, coming into contact with people of different backgrounds, developing more appreciation for the environment, adjusting their Eastern ways, and-- [...]

    17. Great conclusion! Beth and Jarrick have a lot of great moments. Their wedding was amazing at the end of the book. I loved seeing Beth's sister, Julie, there. She seemed to be very wary of the west. This was so good!!

    18. First sentence: It wasn't just that there were far fewer potholes--the road through the thick woods leading to Coal Valley had clearly been graded in Beth's absence over the summer--but something else seemed strange. Premise/plot: Where Hope Prevails is the third book in the Return to the Canadian West series by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan. The series is set in the early twentieth century. (Beth does a lot of traveling back and forth by automobile.) Beth Thatcher, our heroine, teaches in th [...]

    19. This was a lot like the first book. It was a sweet story, but it was also slow paced. There was a happy ending, which I was expecting. I'm pleased with the way this book and series ended.

    20. Where Hope Prevails is the third book in the Return to the Canadian West series by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan. It's a compainion of sorts to the Hallmark Channel's When Calls the Heart. If you haven't read the other books in the series or haven't seen all the esisodes on tv, don't worry you can still follow along just fine and enjoy the book.After spending the summer with her family Elizabeth Thatcher is looking forward to coming home to Coal Valley. She enjoyed her time, but she really mi [...]

    21. Where Hope Prevails by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan is the final book in the Return to the Canadian West series. Elizabeth “Beth” Thatcher is returning to Coal Valley after being away for the summer. Beth is expecting everything and everyone to be the same, but she is in for a shock. There have been many changes to the town. Trees have been cut down to make way for new buildings. Abigail has taken over the bar for a tea house and the school will now have its own building. There are two b [...]

    22. Where Hope Prevails is the third book of the “Return to the Canadian West” series. The series is about a privileged city woman, Beth Thatcher, going to the coal mining Canadian West to teach. I read the first two books of the series, and I have watched the first two seasons of the Hallmark Channel TV series that is based on it, entitled When Calls the Heart. I was “meh” towards the first book, loved the second book, and absolutely adored the TV series.In When Hope Prevails, Beth returns [...]

    23. If you follow Janette Oke you are no stranger to wonderful stories that capture our hearts and beg to be read again and again. Where Hope Prevails is just such a story. Fans of the Hallmark series When Calls the Heart will delight in this companion tale of Elizabeth Thacker and her dashing Mountie Jack Thornton. Where Hope Prevails, book 3 in Return to The Canadian West is a collaboration with Lauren Oke Logan.Our story begins as Elizabeth returns to her beloved Coal Valley to find some unsettli [...]

    24. Wow!!! is really I can say about this book!!What an arrogant man!! Who does he think he is anyway? I almost felt sorry for Beth who returned to Coal Valley to everything changed and new ppl in town. Beth isn't one for change and I have to admit I'm not one for change either even if it is for good. Beth has a lot to overcome. But, I believe she can with the Lords help. Beth also has a challenge. A new teacher has come to town. Beth isn't sure what his motives are and does t like his ideas for tea [...]

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